Our Story

We pride ourselves on our integrity and professional approach. We are easy to talk with and can help you achieve your goals

Cloud Payments consultants have the experience and expertise that comes from years of delivering diverse projects with large multinationals. Whilst most people think you need to pay top rates to large public firms to get this experience, our clients know that Cloud Payments delivers these results with the tailored, quality service of a small private firm.

From pre-strategy to post go-live, we guide you through every phase of your digital transformation.

We provide a wide range of services for the full range of products including: strategic consultancy, end-to-end implementation, quick starts, health checks, training, ongoing support, and Force.com development (including APEX, Visualforce, Sites and Communities).

We understand that every Customer has a unique set of requirements. We will help define your vision and objectives and set an achievable roadmap to deliver the transformation required. We are passionate about what we do, and strive to give our customers the best possible experience from start to finish.

We leverage an agile Delivery Methodology that enables our customers to successfully implement and develop knowledge and skills with the rapid deployment of applications. We’ll keep you engaged in all aspects of project planning, building, and launch. Using defined, repeatable processes, we comprehensively cover all aspects of application development and platform adoption. 


We learn your project vision and your organisation’s definition of success. We gather requirements, establish user stories, draft an architecture plan, perform schedule estimates, and develop a prototype if appropriate.


After establishing your vision, we will begin development using agile delivery methodology in a four-part phase. Prioritise, Build, Demo, Feedback.


After design and development comes the anticipated launch. We’ll see you through into production, and help you plan post-production support and the next phase of implementation.